What is AppVV ?

While many iOS users look forward to installing the latest jailbreaks as and when they are released, the latest ones have been a bit hit and miss. Not everyone can use them and they are semi untethered jailbreaks that require rejailbreaking every time your device is rebooted. All of this means that there are those missing out on installing their favorite repos into Cydia and the most popular of all is AppVV, the repo that brought us vShare. vShare is an app installer that allows us to download and install paid content for free and, up until now, it has only been available from Cydia.

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What is AppVV ?

Appvv is the developer of the popular apps vShare [ext link], vShare Pro and the helpful installation tool, vShare Helper [ext link]. At one time, these installers could only be used to install games or apps but have now expanded to include ringtones, themes, wallpapers and a whole host of media apps too. Appvv has focused their efforts on providing support for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as providing tools for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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They have an active forum that is useful for getting any questions you may have answered as well as keeping the app databases completely up to date and filled with the latest content. Some of that is paid content that can normally only be got from the iOS app store but that Appvv is providing you free of charge through vShare. Although they are facing a backlash, both from Apple and from the developers of the apps, they are intent on continuing to offer the same level of support as they do now.

How to Download AppVV :

Appvv is not available for download through the iOS app store because there is no way that Apple is going to allow it through their security checks. However, we have prepared a guide for you on how to install Appvv and how to get vShare as well and you can find those guides below.

Error Fix :

There are some errors that pop up while using AppVV Repo. These errors commonly occur while adding and removing the repository on Cydia. Following the arge possible fixes to this issue. If nothing works , its easy to delete and remove AppVV from your iPhone .

Disclaimer :

This post is for informational purposes only and we would urge you to use these only as a way of trying an app or a game to see if you like it before buying it through the proper developer.

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