AppVV repo is well known by jailbreakers as being home to vShare, the popular app installer that allows you free access to a wide range of paid and premium content. There is only one way to get AppVV repo at the moment and that is to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Jailbreaks have been a little slow in arriving this time around but we do now have three for you to choose from.

Image : Delete AppVV from iPhone

One word of advice, though; none of the jailbreaks is available for all devices and are all semi-untethered. This means having to rejailbreak your device whenever it has been rebooted. You can find the full instructions for each jailbreak below :

Once you have installed the jailbreak of your choice you can go ahead and install the AppVV repo in Cydia:

AppVV gives you access to vShare, which is kind of like an app store. It is similar to the iOS app store in that it contains a lot of the same content but the difference is, vShare provides it for free. This has caused a few problems between the developers for AppVV and both Apple and the developers of these apps but AppVV is dedicated to providing this access for free for as long as possible. As they have already been around since 2011, it shows just how popular they are and how dedicated they are to continuing.

Fixing Errors on AppVV :

While most people will have no trouble at all installing Appvv repo and using it, there are some errors that some users have reported coming up against. It’s a Failed to Fetch and GPG errors and you can find the instructions on how to fix these at the link below :

  • Failed to Fetch Error Fix
  • GPG Error Fix

In some cases, the only way to solve problems on a repo in Cydia is to delete the repo and start again. That is a simple process and here’s how to do it :

Delete AppVV Repo from Cydia :

  1. Open Cydia 
  2. Tap on Sources at the bottom of the screen 
  3. Tap on Edit and find the AppVV repo in the list 
  4. Tap the minus [ ] sign beside it and then Delete. Cydia will now remove AppVV repo 
  5. Refresh your sources and the repo will be gone

Now you can go about adding AppVV Repo it back in again if you want.

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